Central Pneumatic 21 Gal. 2.5 HP 125 PSi Air Compressor Review











          • - Powerful 2.5 HP Motor
          • - Larger 21 Gallon Capacity
          • - Durable
          • - Great Value


          • - Tends to be a bit noisy
          • - Heavy for its size


          • Built in Universal Coupler for any air hose connection
          • Rubber foot stabilizers for reduced stabilization
          • Oil level indicator window
          • Portability with 6 inch wheel kit and handles for carrying
          • Single capacitor motor with thermal overload protection
          • Heavy duty 2.5 horsepower rated motor
          • Long life oil lubricated compressor with precision machined cast iron sleeve
          • 3400 Max Speed RPM
          • Pump is oil-lubricated for cooler running temperatures and reduced wear
          • 90 Day Manufacturer Warranty

          1 of Top 2 Central Pneumatic Compressors


          This is a top of the line vertical reciprocating compressor provides more than enough power to run your shop tools with features to spare. The compressor comes with a universal quick connect coupler that can hook up to a large variety of hoses. With portability and included stabilizers, this air compressor reduces a lot of vibration during use. We found this to be one of the top 2 on the single stage Central Pneumatic product line.


          Designed for ease of use, the indicator windows and cast iron machine sleeve allow for a long running life and easy maintenance. Rubber feet allow for addition stabilization so vibrations are kept at a minimum. Window needs to be checked every time you use it so you can maintain a running compressor.


          This Central Pneumatic model boasts a powerful heavy duty 2.5 HP Motor. The majority of portable and personal compressors do not have the power to keep up with some air tools such as impact wrenches or air ratchets, however this model does a great job with keeping up. The 21 Gallon capacity gives the compressor a life most personal compressors cannot boast about and the durability factor will not allow this model to miss a beat.


          Although still relatively on the small side and with available 6 inch wheels and carrying handles, this model does still tend to be on the heavier side weighing in at about 100 pounds with only a 23×18 size. If you want portable, this is about as big as you can go while still making it portable and workable to fit in a truck bed.  Wheels and handles are installed separately but go on easy enough to fit what you’d like to do.


          While trying to keep the noise at a minimum, this model does tend to be a bit louder than usual with the powerful 2.5 HP engine and larger tank. If you are looking for a quieter model take a look at the Central Pneumatic 10 Gal Oil Lube Air Compressor. Exhaust filter can be installed to allow for a quieter machine.

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