Hitachi EC2510E Gas Powered Review











          • - Good Performance
          • - Equipped with a durable Honda engine
          • - Lower price than other manufacturers
          • - Pneumatic tire for easy maneuverability
          • - Easy maintenance/operation


          • - Quality of non-engine parts is only average
          • - Cheap belt casing
          • - Gas engine requires more maintenance than electric units
          • - Only 1 year factory warranty


          • Nine cubic feet per minute at 100 psi
          • Equipped with Honda GX160 engine
          • Sturdy 5.5-horsepower motor
          • Oil sight glass to monitor oil level
          • Pneumatic tire for easy maneuverability
          • Cast iron cylinder for long life
          • Baseplate integrated control panel
          • Oversized oil level sight glass
          • Pneumatic throttle control
          • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty


          The Hitachi EC2510E air compressor can be found in a wheelbarrow type setup including double air storage tanks amounting to 8 gallons. Due to its large 176 poundHitachi best gas powered air compressor front weight, wheeling this bad kid around on its sturdy front pneumatic tire is truly the only way to go. Ahead rests a 5.5 HP Honda GX160 gas engine. As any individual with Honda encounter understands, their engines are virtually bulletproof and manage to take a great deal of misuse prior to any type of issues turn up. While it simply has actually a .95 gallon gas tank, the Honda is very energy efficient and will certainly run a very long time between fill ups.

          The Hitachi EC2510E sports a one hundred percent cast iron cylindrical head for increased dependability. One special function on the Hitachi compressor is the pneumatic throttle control as opposed to the typical wire kind which is just one of the most typical compressor weaknesses. While it might lessen the possibility of damage, it additionally makes it more difficult to repair compared to the wire kind.


          All factors considered, the Hitachi EC2510E supplies superb efficiency for the money. It will reach 9.3 CFM at 90psi allowing you to run numerous framework nailers simultaneously as well as sturdy impact wrenches, air shears, and automatic oil guns as instances. The capacity to pump up huge tires such as on tractors and various other ranch tools is terrific for farmers and breeders. The Hitachi sips gas and it’s an excellent design to think about if you’re searching for a workhorse kind compressor.

          Sound DegreeHitachi best gas powered air compressor back

          As a gas powered compressor, the EC2510E will definitely be louder compared to the majority of electric air compressors. Considering that it is designed for outdoor use, noise is not that much of a concern. Likewise, considering that it operates on gas, it will be continuously run while idling and not being used. An electric compressor will not run when the air pressure inside the storage tank is high enough and the device is not being used. When compared to other gas models, this Hitachi is in fact on the quieter side, primarily because of its smooth running Honda engine.

          Who would use it?

          This model is made for professionals and recommended by them. If you deal with construction sites which have no access to an electrical outlet, a gas compressor is a must. You could choose to invest $1k+ on a more popular name brand however efficiency will certainly approach the much more economical Hitachi. Those that do not would like to tinker continuous upkeep will certainly likewise value the EC2510E. This unit is a workhorse and will certainly compete hrs after hrs with the only requirement being to intensify every now and then. With its higher air movement, numerous customers will certainly manage to run their air devices at the very same time. For a solid, highly rated electric air compressor, check out the MAC-2400 by Makita.

          Caution: Never use gas-powered compressors indoors or in confined or unventilated areas.