Makita MAC2400 Big Bore 2.5 HP Review











          • - Very easy to setup
          • - recovers air very quickly
          • - oil lubricated, so motor stays cool
          • - Roll-cage construction provides complete protection to withstand extreme jobsite environments
          • - Built-in thermal overload for additional motor protection


          • - This compressor weighs 77lbs without any wheels for easy transport
          • - Steel air tanks could be susceptible to rust


          • Oil lubricated: Cooler running pump, minimizes wear
          • Durable cast iron cylinder reduces wear and increases pump life; removable for easy maintenance
          • Cast iron pump with Big Bore cylinder and piston is engineered to provide faster recovery time for improved performance
          • Powerful 2.5 HP 4-Pole motor produces 4.2 CFM at 90 PSI for increased productivity
          • Large automotive style industrial air filter for increased air intake and greater efficiency
          • Pump runs at lower RPM (1,730) resulting in lower noise (79dB) and improved pump durability
          • Dual outlets for simultaneous tool hookups
          • Low AMP draw reduces incidences of tripped breakers at start-up
          • Pump is oil-lubricated for cooler running temperatures and reduced wear
          • Roll-cage construction provides complete protection to withstand extreme jobsite environments
          • Oil sight glass for fast, easy and efficient maintenance
          • Lever handle ball valve – tank drain valve improves upon standard petcock design for easier maintenance
          • Built-in thermal overload for additional motor protection
          • One-year manufacturer’s warranty
          • 1/4″ Universal Quick Coupler 

          Best Air Compressor – Highest rated

          We recently had the pleasure of reviewing the Makita MAC-2400. We were very impressed with the design and build quality and ultimately gave it our highest rating 10/10 out of all the air compressor reviews. This little unit is very versatile and built like a tank. Makita MAC-2400 air compressor highest rated


          Low noise and cooler operating temperatures increase the pumps longevity and durability thanks to a an oil lubrication pump that runs at a low 1720 rotations per minute. The MAC2400 produces plenty of air for a variety of jobs thanks to Makita’s Big Bore (51mm) cast iron cylinder for quicker air recovery times and better performance.


           Its 2.5 HP motor pumps out 4.2 Cubic Feet per Minute @ 90PSI and 4.8 Cubic Feet per Minute @ 40PSI. You can use your MAC-2400 just about anywhere and not worry about popping a breaker switch or blowing a fuse because the MAC-2400 draws at only 12.3AMPS. Charging the tanks from zero to 130 pounds per square inch took about 82 seconds. Tank recovery times from 90psi to max PSI took a short 24sec. As far as real world applications go, you can run dual framing nailers in unison without any problems with the tank recharging. We actually did not have any issues running this compressor using 2 framing guns in unison.

          Makita has crafted a nice front facing “control panel” that is equipped with dual 1/4″ universal quick couplers, pressure adjustment knobs, tank and inline pressure gauges. A single, 1 1/4″ tube outlines the compressors frame creating a hefty and very sturdy roll cage that helps protect key components from accidental damage. For a more powerful, honda powered gas air compressor check out the Hitachi EC2510E.

          PortabilityBest air compressor - highest rated

          Transporting the MAC2400 is a bit tricky because it weighs more than you would think because it is dimensions are only 19.5 x 19 x 18″ (LxWxH) however it weighs an impressive 77lbs! Now surprisingly this little compressor is not that difficult to transport using the built in rubber lined handle; however we plan to build a dolly out of an old hand truck and some spare wood to help us transport this beast a little easier.

          When you’re finished working with this compressor, Makita made draining pressure from the tanks simple by installing a lever handle ball valve on the bottom of the lower tank. Just position the valve in the open position and all your compressed air will be released leaving your tanks empty and ready for safe storage. If you are interested in a smaller model, take a look at the Senco PC1010.


          Lets talk about noise. While the MAC-2400 is running you can appreciate the audible purr radiating from the cast iron pump. This model is on the quieter side by industry standards, yet there is a noticeable humming when its running in the next room. If you are looking for a quieter model take a look at California Air Tool’s CAT-6310

          • Overall Score - 10/10


          Makita should consider teaming up with the department of defense because this thing is built like a tank. The MAC-2400 is an extremely well thought out piece of machinery. Its oil lubricated, big bore design pump lots of air at low RPMs allowing this unit to produce compressed air quietly, quickly, and efficiently. We rated this model a perfect 10 because it exceeded all our expectations.