Porter Cable 3.7-HP 60-Gallon Single-Stage Air Compressor Review

Porter Cable 3.7-HP 60-Gallon Single-Stage Air Compressor

Porter Cable 3.7-HP 60-Gallon Single-Stage Air Compressor










          • - Great Value
          • - Convenient Controls
          • - Large 60 Gallon Tank
          • - Thermally Stable Cast Iron Shell


          • - Noisy
          • - Not portable
          • - Max PSI not as high as other models


          • 135 psi max tank pressure
          • 240 Volt SIngle Phase Induction Motor
          • Cast Iront Twin Cylinder Pump provides maximum protection from all temperatures and exposed locations
          • Huge 60 gallon tank provides longer run times
          • Produces 13.4 CFM @ 40 PSI; 11.5 CFM @ 90 PSI
          • 12″ Cast Iron Flywheel for efficiency
          • Convenient Controls on top make an easy reach shut off
          • 3.7 HP Motor provides a lot of power

          This is a great value compressor for the money and is from a reliable brand with no cause for concern. The large tank and high CFM at a relatively low price is killer for the category. The tank fills fast and has no problem with major air gulping tools. This has some great features on it that cannot be ignored.

          The 240 Volt Single Phase induction motor is powerful and will require an extra 35 amps to deliver its power.  The cast iron twin cylinder pump is rock solid. It delivers a thermally stable and durable one piece cast crankcase that you can’t find often. The aluminum head and the valve plate help to dissipate heat while the automotive style ball bearings allow for smooth operation all the way through. This severely minimizes maintenance and down time which is a key feature to have.

          The pump is oil lubricated and actually shipped with synthetic oil to extend the pump life. The 2 year warranty will leave you feeling at ease upon purchase knowing it is protected if anything were to go wrong. A key set of features to take away from this compressor is the convenient use of controls and sights. The oil level sight glass provides for easy maintenance and is one of the more easily accessible oil fills so you’re not dripping oil all over the place while trying to fill it up. The pressure gauge and power switch are easy to reach since they are top mounted. This makes for great convenience and is something that a lot of air compressors have troubles with. If there’s a situation and you need to shut it off quickly, you know where to find that switch immediately.

          The 60 gallon tank is great for a garage air compressor. It provides for much longer run times and can support heavy duty ratchets, nail guns and wrenches that many of the smaller portable versions cannot. A significant upgrade on this model is the 12″ cast iron flywheel it has. Unlike other models the belt drives runs more fluidly and efficiently than the comparable direct drive units.

          Overall, if you’re looking for a solid middle of the road workshop type air compressor, this is the one to consider. Although there is limited portability with the 247 pound weight, the larger tank and extra features make this vertical compressor a top choice from Porter Cable.

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