Senco PC1010 1-Horsepower Peak Review

Senco PC1010

Senco PC1010










          • - Low noise
          • - No maintenance required
          • - Lightweight and ergonomic
          • - Great for little tasks
          • - Aluminum and cast iron durability


          • - Slow recovery
          • - Small tank
          • - Low SCFM
          • - Not good for large jobs


          • 1 hp. (peak) .5 hp. (running), oil-less motor
          • 1 gallon air capacity
          • 4 amps @115V, 120 psi max output
          • 1/4″ quick disconnect coupler
          • Individual gauges for tank and regulated output pressure
          • Max Pressure: 125 psi
          • Pump Up-Time: 0-120 psi: 128 seconds

          Best Portable Air Compressor

          When you are trying to find best small air compressor for little tasks at around the house, the Senco PC1010 is one to take into consideration. It is a little, light-weight, fast, and constantly ranked on numerous small senco air compressor 10 listings. You could get between 20 to 44 nails a min with this small one horse power compressor.


          This compact air compressor’s storage tank is one gallon so while the PC1010 is not designed for tasks calling for continuous periods of high airflow, it’s ideal for the majority of smaller jobs. It is conveniently portable thanks to a cushioned handle bar on top. Its light and compact weighing in at a mere 20 pounds, so anybody can carry it around the house from project to project. The hotdog shaped air tank is made of made out of aluminum which is both light and will not rust.

          Efficiencyportable air compressor senco

          Because of its compact design, the Senco PC1010 only has 1 peak horsepower at max performance; however its normally operates at a half horsepower, it fills up the 1 gallon storage tank in about 120 seconds and
          required about half a minute for recovery. You don’t want to use this compressor for jobs that require constant airflow because of its smaller air tank and slow recovery times. We nicknamed this compressor “mighty mouse” because its quiet and had decent performance with specs of 125 max PSI, and a SCFM of 0.7 @ 90 PSI.


          Senco gave this pump an oil-less design so no maintenance is required and they paired it with a cast iron,direct drive induction motor, which you will find in well built compact air compressors.


          Perhaps one of the best features this little compressor has is that it is so quiet. Its very quiet with its 69dB rating so you can not only carry it anywhere,> because its so light and compact, but you can use it anywhere because its so quiet.

          small air compressor gauge

          Who is it for?

          Overall, the Senco PC1010 is not exactly the best air compressor, but after performing very well for its size and adding extra points for versatility, this is little guy has earned our title for best portable air compressor that is designed for light duty applications. The ideal customer would be a hobbyist or DIY homeowner who wants the best portable air compressor that is easy to carry, easy to store air compressor that doesn’t need a lot of power.