Shipping Containers That Spent Weeks Aboard Ships Stuck At Ports Now Being Dumped In Nearby Neighborhoods

Shipping containers are being dumped in neighborhoods

The shipping container is a staple of the global economy. They're used to transport everything from clothes and electronics to food and cars, but now they're being left abandoned in communities around the world. These containers have been sitting on ships for weeks or months at a time, waiting for ports to open up so they can be unloaded. Now that many ports are closed due to the trade war with China, these containers are just sitting there - taking up space and posing safety hazards. Sign this petition telling Congress to take action!

With the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach now running 24-hour operations, a new issue has emerged. When the ships were being emptied, many of the shipping containers that had been on board for weeks awaiting to be unloaded were then left on site.

Sonia Cervantes lives in Wilmington, California, near the UCTI Trucking Company facility.

The company's property only has the capacity to hold 65 containers, so the extra containers now line up in front of several people's houses.

'It's a group of neighbors who are really angry because it's an all-night event,' Cervantes added.

30 a.m. in order to go to job. There was already a trailer in front of my home, so I couldn't exit. 'It's pretty typical when you're in the country, especially if you pull into a Wal-Mart and there's no person there to tell us whether we're allowed. We had an old police car that sounded like it was made of scrap metal that we had converted into a taxi long ago,' he laughs. 'When we were driving through the

'We've been unable to use our trucks to drive equipment south because we haven't brought enough containers over,' said Frank Arrieran, the owner of UCTI Trucking.

The boy's mother, whose name is Clarisa, said they were waiting in the street for about 15 to 20 minutes. Cervantes explained that 'Folks, there's a reason I don't just pull out the trailer. It's because sometimes they just unload it in the street with no front part of it, and they leave it there.'

The President has given the next administration until Labor Day to replace the program, which was created under his watch. "It is important that we continue fighting for what is right," she said during her remarks at The New School in New York City on Tuesday. Cagle assured Americans that he would be able to deliver solutions because he had fought for similar measures

The Port of Los Angeles will begin 24/7 operations this week, according to President Biden.

There are numerous components to the supply chain, and the vast majority of them are in private hands. bringing the various participants together and obtaining commitments that will make a difference. That's why we've come up with this plan,' Buttigieg said.'

There are $17 billion in port improvements in the President's infrastructure plan, which is badly needed. 'I think we're in a place where people want to see action,' Buttigieg continued. 'We have a bill that's moving through the House Judiciary Committee that is going to address this issue, and I'm excited for our department to put those dollars to work,' he added.

Meanwhile, in Wilmington, Arrerian said the city is doing everything it can to alleviate traffic on Main Street. Understanding is required, and he's asking for it.

'We've been harassed with tickets and had them thrown in our faces,' Arrerian continued. We need the community's help, because we're just getting started.

Mr. Arrieran said he will meet with city officials the next day. He is hoping they will assist him in obtaining a larger yard.

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